Complete report in minutes in your mail box

Company information with credit score company and directors

Extended people background information

The innovative application of CheckingAll allows you to collect in a few minutes all available relevant information about your Dutch business contacts, both companies and people. This information is shown in a comprehensive report.

The companies or people have to be located or living in the Netherlands. The application of CheckingAll offers you online 24/7 real-time acces on legal, financial and social background information from dozens of sources, eg Cadastral Registers, Company House, directorships, authentication ID card, scores of three different credit agencies, watch and sanctions lists, bankruptcy, insolvency and guardianship registers, socio-demographic data and more. 

CheckingAll, rely on facts.

Using our application, you can retrieve the following information:

People Information

  • Background checks for (pre -) employment screenings  
    • light          €   75,00
    • standard   € 100,00
    • extended  € 125,00
  • Asset searches: background checks extended with real estate properties including mortgages, check registrations of boats, airplanes, patents and more    € 125,00


  • Board, shareholders (only 100%), company figures, financial risk profile, litigations, Court rulings, watch and sanctions list on company and board and more. Included financial risk profile members board (people only) and an excerpt of registration with Company House.             € 75,00

The benefits of using our online application:

  • Screening in house
  • Risk reduction
  • Low investment
  • Complete report within minutes in your mailbox

CheckingAll is developed by information analysts, fraud prevention consultants, private investigators and privacy experts.